About Internet of Birds

Internet of Birds (IoB) is the first platform to identify birds from the Indian subcontinent through the power of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Image Recognition.

IoB is a citizen science platform by Accenture Labs in collaboration with BNHS.

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Internet of Birds (IoB) platform is currently trained on 1048 species of birds. Prediction of IoB is based on images of birds recognized by the system. IOB is an automated system, please double check with an human expert about the prediction.You can contribute towards increasing the prediction of IoB and/or extending IoB with more Indian birds species by providing your personal owned images for training IoB. Kindly email at internetofbirds@bnhs.org for more details with subject line -"Interested to contribute towards IoB". IoB is thankful to all the birders / the community of birders / the contributors for providing their photographs. Click here to view the IoB community contributors.